About Us

Behnam Daheshpour Charity Organization has founded in 1996. The name of the organization has come from Behanm Daheshpour who started the whole story of the organization. Behnam Charity is commited to provide an extraordinary care and support to cancer patients and their families.

During past fifteen years Behanm Charity continously expanded his services to cancer patients across the Middle East by offering the latest technology in cancer treatments. Behnam Charity offers a varity of services.  

Since 1996, we have been fighting to improve the cancer experience and make cancer a priority. We started as a small group trying to raise money to fight this disease.


Our History

1994 - They told Behnam Daheshpour he had cancer at the age of seventeen. By going to a hospital at Tehran to recieve cancer treatment, Behnam sees the cancer patients' difficulties fighting with cancer. He decides to take an action while he is fighting with his own disease.



To offer free therapeutic and medical services to needy and underprivileged patients and their families at an international level irrespective of age, gender, nationality, religious or race and type of cancer.

Accountability – We take ownership for our actions and the results.

Respect – We treat patients, colleagues, and volunteers in a way that makes them
feel valued and appreciated.

Integrity – We do what we say and what is right.

Openness – We try new things that will lead to innovation.

Teamwork – We share information and resources as we work together to
deliver results.